Strong, Patient and Calm :

I have known Emily in two capacities: as a massage therapist and a post-partum doula. During my pregnancy I sought out a massage therapist that was certified with prenatal massage in order to relieve back pain. Having experienced high quality therapeutic massage previous to the pregnancy, I was looking for someone that was highly knowledgeable regarding the body and extremely efficient in providing muscular release and comfort. That is, I needed healing sessions, not just relaxation strokes! I found what I was looking for in Emily. Aside from her exceptional ability to provide ease to the stressed pregnancy body, she also offered support in the mental realm. She continuously took an interest in my overall wellbeing as well as that of the baby’s. A few weeks after birth, I found myself in need of help at home. As a first time mother, with a husband that works an hour away and is absent for 11 hours daily, I realized that I would not make it on my own after other family members had to return to their obligations.  This is when we hired Emily as a post-partum doula. I cannot stress enough how helpful she was! She offered the regular post-partum doula services (help with baby, cleaning, cooking, emotional support) in an efficient, highly professional manner.  While I was nervous with all the new elements, Emily provided a strong, patient, and calm presence at all times. These traits are probably her greatest assets as a post-partum doula.  She was able to get me on my feet as a new mother after a few weeks.  I cannot imagine a better investment! She is a person that can be relied upon fully and trusted in one’s home. I feel very fortunate to have met her, and give her my utmost recommendation.

~ C. Ruiz, Ph.D.


Supportive Coaching :

Emily Martin was amazing, we used her for our 2nd child because of our memorable birth experience with our 1st child. Emily made us feel comfortable, prepared and happy we choose ALL NATURAL DELIVERY BIRTH PLANS, TWICE. I am certain that if not for Emily, I could not have successfully managed my goals of a drug free/natural child birth. Emily’s positioning assistance, coaching, and supportive care made our goals a reality, TWICE. I recommend Emily to anyone who asks how I managed to have two natural childbirths.

~ A.K.


Compassionate and Passionate :

Emily, is very compassionate and passionate about her career and families she supports. I was petrified of giving birth and she educated me so I knew I could have a natural birth. She did NOT pressure me. NOT ONCE! I knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to ask for it or names for it and she did. THANK YOU!!!

~ J.S.
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