Prenatal Massage

Pregnant Belly Massage

Prenatal Massage

My experience and advanced certification allow for a more relaxed massage experience with better results.  Prenatal treatments are an opportunity to prepare for birth by preparing the body, working with breathing and connecting with baby. We can discuss positions and pillowing for more comfortable sleep at home and address common issues like leg cramps, hip/back soreness and more. Prenatal Massage packages are available to make care available to you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum..

What to expect:

  • Prenatal treatments are scheduled for  90 minutes.
  • Each session includes an aromatherapy blend tailored for mom and baby. Using familiar oils that are consistent over several massage sessions ‘programs’ a relaxation response in the body creating a potent tool for coping with labor and postpartum stress.
  • My training includes techniques like connective tissue release and pelvic stabilization. Translation? Lower leg cramps can be addressed in a single session. Muscles and ligaments of the pelvis are released and balanced for less ‘waddle’ in your walk, decreased pubic symphysis pain and increased alignment that can effect the ease of labor and birth.
  • Expect to be pillowed for comfort and safety. You may even take a home a few ideas to improve your sleep and relieve common pregnancy discomforts.
  •  Belly massage is optional. Abdominal massage releases the anterior hip and respiratory diaphragm frequently giving mom and baby more room to breathe!
  • Craniosacral Therapy is integrated in all of my massage sessions. CST is a modality that targets the nervous system. If you are stressed, scared or restless, having trouble digesting or sleeping, this gentle touch therapy may help. Craniosacral Therapy

Belly Treatments for pregnant belly pampering include a scrub with essential oils tailored to you on belly, hands and feet followed by hot towels and a massage with cocoa butter and shea butter. This treatment is for growing bellies to prevent stretch marks and treat the common itchiness of stretching. After your treatment, bring home the rest of your salt scrub for use at home. All scrubs are made with organic raw sugar or sea salt and pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.


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