Pregnant Belly Massage

Therapeutic, Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

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All therapeutic massage sessions are an integration of techniques including Body Mobilization Technique and Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy.

Prenatal Massage sessions average 90 minutes to incorporate safe positioning, comfortable pillowing, hip mobilization stretches and specialized care. All prenatal treatments include aromatherapy to relax and nurture as well as belly massage (optional). Prenatal treatments are an opportunity to prepare for birth by preparing the body, working with breathing and connecting with baby. We can discuss positions and pillowing for more comfortable sleep at home and address common issues like leg cramps, hip/back soreness and more. Prenatal Massage packages are available to make care available to you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

Belly Treatments for pregnant belly pampering include a scrub with essential oils tailored to you on belly, hands and feet followed by hot towels and a massage with cocoa butter and shea butter. This treatment is for growing bellies to prevent stretch marks and treat the common itchiness of stretching. After your treatment, bring home the rest of your salt scrub for use at home. All scrubs are made with organic raw sugar or sea salt and pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Craniosacral Therapy is frequently incorporated into massage treatments. This subtle, gentle hands on technique addresses stress related conditions and brings the mind & body back into balance. Recipients frequently describe increased ability to focus as well as sleep, digest and handle stress more effectively. Craniosacral is offered as a stand alone treatment for everyone.


Craniosacral for Pregnancy and NewbornsCraniosacral Therapy

Working with the nervous system is extremely important during pregnancy*. Not only is our stress level much different during pregnancy, but so are the needs for more sleep, more nutrients and better digestion. Craniosacral therapy realigns where our systems have become off balance by stress or habit. Working with newborns soon after birth or as difficulties arise can make a tremendous difference. Craniosacral has been known to help babies latch for breastfeeding more effectively and overcome digestive issues before they become problematic. Craniosacral for Difficult Situations – La Leche League.

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