Craniosacral Baby

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is frequently incorporated into massage treatments but is most effective as a stand alone modality. This subtle, gentle hands on technique addresses stress related conditions and brings the mind & body back into balance. Recipients frequently describe increased ability to focus as well as sleep, digest and handle stress more effectively.

By focusing on the nervous system, Craniosacral Therapy is a non invasive way to treat acute and chronic conditions from stress or trauma induced disruptions in sleep and digestion to more ingrained patterns from injuries or long held trauma both physical and emotional. Treatments are available for all ages. My experience with pregnancy and birth gives me a unique understanding of working with pregnant mothers and their unborn and newborn babies. Physically we can gain insight into issues with alignment and system function.

Working with the nervous system is extremely important during pregnancy*. Not only is our stress level much different during pregnancy, but so are the needs for more sleep, more nutrients and better digestion. Craniosacral therapy realigns where our systems have become off balance by stress or habit. Working with newborns soon after birth or as difficulties arise can make a tremendous difference. Craniosacral has been known to help babies latch for breastfeeding more effectively and overcome digestive issues before they become problematic.

Craniosacral for Difficult Situations – La Leche League



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