Childbirth Education

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Childbirth Education

Being involved in Pregnant womandecisions regarding care is one of the factors identified as defining a family’s satisfaction with their birth experience, regardless of outcome*.

Course material is gathered from a variety of childbirth philosophies including the Bradley Method, Ina May Gaskin, Sheila Kitzinger and my years of experience as a doula. Classes are structured to be flexible, engaging and empowering to parents. We will discuss the process of birth, common practices and interventions, coping with the postpartum adjustment period and more. Experienced in both private and group classes, I currently specialize in private and specialty preparation courses.

Private classes are geared towards couples with hard to coordinate schedules or seasoned parents needing a refresher course. Typically, private classes are 4 sessions 2 1/2 to 3 hours each over several weeks. Course material can be adjusted to the needs of the students.


Class One

Informed consent
Writing an effective birth plan
Choosing a birth setting
Basics of pain management[/one_fourth]


Class Two

Physiological process of birth
Applying comfort techniques[/one_fourth]


Class Three

Inductions and Interventions
Clinical reasons for cesarean
Writing a back up birth plan[/one_fourth]


Class Four

Life postpartum
Baby care[/one_fourth_last]


Doula Dads

  • Do we need a doula?
  • What is the difference between a doula and a …..?
  • What are the best comfort techniques for labor?
  • Do labor positions make a difference?

The Doula Dads course is designed to answer these questions and equip couples to feel confident during labor. Whether Dad/Partner is the primary support person or you plan to hire a doula, make sure your birth partner has the knowledge and skills to be confident support. Learn basic pillowing and massage techniques for labor. Learn what I keep in my doula bag and why to put together your tool kit for the birth! We will discuss comfort techniques for a variety of births from home birth to epidural and cesarean. Come with questions and the get the confidence to decide what kind of labor support team is best for you.

Pregnant woman

Pregnancy Massage for Couples

Bring plenty of pillows (5-6) and dress comfortably!

  • Positioning for better sleep
  • Massage for mom and dad!
  • Small classes for individual instruction

We will spend our time learning comfortable pillowing for different stages of pregnancy, the most effective massage techniques for sore backs and hips and assisted stretching to prepare for birth. Dads get a treat too as we discuss the importance of reciprocation and learn comfortable pillowing and massage techniques for Dad’s sore shoulders, feet and low back. Our focus during this class is building great communication through conscious touch and honest feedback. Communication in pregnancy makes the road smoother, is a blessing in labor, crucial postpartum and rewarding for the life of the relationship.

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